about inkie

I am or have been an intellectual property lawyer, a stepmother, a mother, a gamer, a medievalist, a teacher, a roleplayer, a tarot reader, a publishing person, an incorrigible book person, an eldest child, a veteran blogger, and a writer.  Also I wish the word “bluestocking” were still in vogue.

In no particular order, my interests include (but are not limited to): books, MMOs and persistent synthetic worlds, crosswords and other sorts of puzzles, medieval mystics and heresies, makeup, dead languages, invented languages, languages generally, distance running, skincare, copyright law, plagues, swashbuckling, the Singularity, folk and pop music, food and cookery, having more time, and tea.

I live in Massachusetts with my patient and slightly bemused husband; we were married within six months of our first date, and last year was our sixteenth anniversary.  He works for a Large Technology Company and is the sort of awe-inspiring extrovert who will strike up a conversation with literally anyone, anywhere. When science finally discovers intelligent extraterrestrial life, I would not be at all surprised to learn that Bill actually met it the previous week at the hardware store and already knows all its favorite movies.

Together we own more books than is strictly reasonable.

On December 21st, 2012, the date of the allegedly-foretold Mayan Apocalypse, our daughter was born. You may interpret the fact that we got this child instead of an apocalypse however you like. She has red hair and green eyes and so is obviously destined to be a Heroine of some kind; she also has, at any given moment, twice as many Opinions as the next person. She insists on being known as Murderchild online.