The Collected Tarot Decks

This page is a catalogue of my collected tarot decks. In an effort to give a consistent idea of each deck’s style, I have tried to include The Fool (0) and Strength/Justice (8) from the Major Arcana, plus one randomly-selected card from the Minor Arcana. Decks that don’t adhere to tarot conventions have been selected from more haphazardly, in an effort to show as much of the art style as possible across three cards.

Some of these are newer; some are very old indeed. (The Alchemical Tarot and Celtic Tarot have long since lost their boxes; the Celtic Tree Oracle still has its box, but it’s wooden and very badly broken.) Some are more for novelty than divination. (Looking at you, Fantod Pack.) Several do not adhere strictly to tarot symbolism and conventions: The Illuminated Tarot does not have a Major Arcana but is a basic 53-card deck; Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand is a 36-card deck; the Black Moon Astrology Cards are, well, astrological; the Celtic Tree Oracle uses a Celtic Ogham system of divination; and the Fantod Pack is, y’know, Edward Gorey.

This is a work in progress. I accumulate tarot decks like dustbunnies, and as we speak have at least three more in progress (all three via Kickstarter). Check back for updates.

I apologize for the quality of the photos; they were taken with my phone, which is on its last tiny legs.

The Dark Wood Tarot, by Sasha Graham and Abigail Larson.
The Tarot of the Divine, by Yoshi Yoshitani.
The Mushroom Tarot, by Chris Adams.
The Linestrider’s Journey, by Siolo Thompson.
The Modern Witch Tarot, by Lisa Sterle.
The Tarot de Maria Celia, by Lynyrd-Jym Narciso.
The English Magic Tarot, by Rex Van Ryn, Steve Dooley, and Andy Letcher.
The Celtic Tree Oracle, by Liz and Colin Murray.
The Wild Unknown Tarot, by Kim Krans.
Tarot Mucha, by Lo Scarabeo.
Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand. “Pixie” is Pamela Colman Smith, the illustrator of the widely recognizable Rider-Waite (aka Smith-Waite) tarot.
The Star Spinner Tarot, by Trungles (Trung Le Nguyen)
The Three Trees (or Oak, Ash, and Thorn) Tarot, by Stephanie Burrows and Adam Oehlers.
The Illuminated Tarot, by Caitlin Keegan.
The Alchemical Tarot (first ed.), by Robert M. Place and Rosemary Ellen Guiley.
The Hermetic Tarot, by Godfrey Dowson.
The Bianco Nero Tarot, by Marco Proietto.
Black Moon Astrology Cards, by Susan Sheppard.
The Fantod Pack, by Edward Gorey. (*NB, if you select this for a reading, it will probably not give you answers so much as Gorey-ish whimsy.)
The Golden Tarot, by Liz Dean.
The Celtic Tarot, by Courtney Davis.
The Smith-Waite Tarot, by Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith.

Botanica, an unutterably gorgeous deck from Beehive Books.
A Compendium of Witches Oracle by Nataša Ilinčić, companion to her Compendium of Witches art book.